Like everyone else last night in the UK, I clapped in unison to thank the NHS and Carers who have been working tirelessly to battle the Corona Virus.  Like most people, I went back to my home and then spent the evening watching TV.

This morning I read a post from an NHS worker saying although the clapping is appreciative, ultimately, it does not help them, and instead wanted to encourage people to write to their local politicians to complain about the lack of equipment the hospitals are in need of to combat the virus.  

Although a good idea, the likelihood is the politicians will ignore your correspondence or make a promise they will be unable to keep. 


But what if as an alternative to clapping, we chant something instead?  Something that gets the message across that hospitals need more help and that our governments are not doing enough?  

Please share this page to any singer-songwriter or even poets you may know who may have an idea for a clean, short, catchy chant, or even a whole song with the chant as the chorus. 


Send video links to rob@deucemusic.com and I will then look into ways to get the word out there and help get the message across.  



Special thanks to P Hollingsworth Photography for creating the image at such short notice.

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