DEUCE has recently collaborated with Fat As Funk; a top-shelf audio mastering company turning recordings into records, making your music sound expensive.  


Run by Lawrence 'Loz' Gill since 2006, Fat As Funk has now worked on over 10,000 tracks over the years with the vast majority of their clients continuing to be regulars a number of which are major globals. 

With a guarantee to transform a band/artist's recording into something that can stand proud next to your favorite records, Fat As Funk is the one-stop place for quality mastering.




FAF background.jpeg

Fat As Funk are now seeking more quality acts who require top of the range mastering services.  Benefits of working with Fat As Funk include:


  • Having a world-class mastered sound to your music helping increase your chances of radio exposure

  • A guarantee your album/EP will have smooth results tieing a collection of tracks together flawlessly into one cohesive work.

  • The simplicity of being able to email your tracks directly to Fat As Funk for mastering.


Further information on Fat As Funk can be found on their website  Alternatively, you can email them directly HERE 


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