Harriet Comfort

The Deuce Act Of The Week is Rock band Harriet Comfort who are based in London, England.


A motley crew of 5 Aussies and 1 Brit who just happened to fall into making sounds together, Harriet Comfort have been making huge inroads on the UK Rock scene and beyond.

Taking their name from a pile of mysterious mail that kept being delivered to their East London flat, Harriet Comfort were most recently shortlisted on the Classic Rock Magazine Track Of The Week, and have been featured on a number of radio stations contributing to them being added to multiple Spotify playlists.

Their new single The Other Side which was inspired by a night out on the town in a new city, is now available and you can find more information on this along with details on Harriet Comfort by visiting their website www.harrietcomfort.com or you can follow them on social media at www.facebook.com/harrietcomfortbandand www.instagram.com/harrietcomfortband


You can listen to Harriet Comfort's new single The Other Side on the link below:




If you decide to play the track on your show, please try to let me know in advance so I can let them know.  I will then encourage them to spread the word about your show to their fan base.


I hope you enjoy the track and that I hear from you soon!

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