DEUCE has recently collaborated with HDQTRZ (pronounced Headquarters); a professional Analog Mastering Studio based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 


HDQTRZ has been the secret weapon behind record labels for years, creating the undisputed, very best sounding mastered tracks in the music industry. The studio is owned and operated by voting Grammy member Earle Holder; who is considered to be among the top professional Mastering Engineers worldwide.


Earle Holder is well known to American music artists and is one of the few top legendary award-winning mastering engineers who has managed to gain worldwide recognition for his work.  Earle has worked with Public Enemy, Tameka Starr (MCA Records Europe), Kenny Banks, Tuere, Houseguest, Ayana, 4ize (Disturbing tha Peace, part of the Ludacris crew), JD Lawrence and countless others.  Earle is also the creator of the three-dimensional mixing technique that takes the art of mixing to an entirely new level. This has enabled him to provide the best sound for artists with Atlanta Records, Interscope Records, Capitol Records and Universal Records to name but a few.





HDQTRZ can now offer bands/artists of all styles the opportunity to have your material professionally mastered at extremely affordable prices. FREE 45 second samples can also be arranged in advance so you can hear the difference HDQTRZ’s mastering will make to your material.


Benefits of using HDQTRZ include: 


  • Having a world-class mastered sound to your music helping increase your chances of radio exposure 

  • Increasing your profile further by being associated with a mastering engineer who has worked with industry heavy hitters from all parts of the world 

  • Having the expertise of seasoned industry professionals with more than forty years of experience behind them 

  • The simplicity of being able to email your tracks directly to HDQTRZ for mastering 


Further information on HDQTRZ including details on how you can obtain your FREE 45-second sample can be found at  Alternatively, if you have any queries about HDQTRZ you can contact Earle Holder directly HERE


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