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Miss Elm / Numberella Charity Album 2022

The Deuce Act Of The Week is enigmatic singer-songwriter Miss Elm who is based in Brisbane, Australia.


Love Inside was unanimously selected to be the first single from the recently released Numberella Charity Album 2022 where all proceeds go towards the It's Humanity Foundation (IHF) who work to provide free education for children in the poorest areas of Bangledesh

The single Love Inside has been described as being a song of hope, and you can find more information on this and the Numberella Charity Album 2022 by visiting  and


You can listen to Love Inside by Miss Elm by clicking on the image below:





If you decide to play the track on your show, please try to let me know in advance so I can let her know.  I will then encourage her to spread the word about your show to her fan base.


I hope you enjoy the track and that I hear from you soon

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