Penelope Darling

The Deuce Act Of The Week is singer-songwriter Penelope Darling who is based in London, England.


Exposed from birth to so many different styles and genres through her father's music collection, Penelope Darling discovered the kind of music she loved and those she didn't from an early age helping influence her own unique sound.

Now releasing her single All In taken from her debut EP Blossom, you can find more information on this along with additional details on Penelope Darling by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media at and


You can listen to Penelope Darling's new single All In on the link below:




For a full copy of the press release, click HERE

If you decide to play the track on your show, please try to let me know in advance so I can let her know.  I will then encourage her to spread the word about your show to her fan base.


I hope you enjoy the track and that I hear from you soon!

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