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For those old enough to remember, cast you mind back to a BBC Top Of The Pops show in 1996 when a band called Bis performed. Heard of them? It is doubtful many people will remember them, but they were hyped as being the first unsigned band to perform on the show.

Has national TV and radio done much since to help independent acts?

My work with DEUCE frequently involves seeking radio presenters who have a genuine interest in new and independent music. By taking this approach, when promoting acts, I know they have a good chance of being played when I send their music out to my radio contacts.

Over the years I have had some success in obtaining national radio play for acts although this is few and far between. The general problem I experience is that radio presenters on national and commercial radio stations have no say in the music being played on their shows and if you contact their producers, the best you can expect 99% of the time is an auto-response email.

Below is a selection of responses I have received from national and commercial radio presenters