Deuce Music - Mr.President

DEUCE MUSIC is excited to announce details of the first track to be released through Deuce Music; Mr President which was originally released by Sungover in 2003.

Sungover (pictured below) were on the brink of success having won a national competition for unsigned bands.  

The prize was studio time to re-record their winning song as well as the promise of thousands of pounds worth of PR to promote the track.

Upon visiting the studio, the band soon realised the producer had other ideas on how the track should sound, the final outcome being a completely different song recorded, with the promise of PR around it proving to be unfounded.

With their hopes shattered, Sungover shortly after split up.





Due to the  political nature around the song and the current climate, to avoid potential implications the singer  on the new version of Mr. President has requested to be kept anonymous.  Rumour has it she is very well known though.....