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DEUCE is excited to announce that a number of Deuce Acts have been selected for a newly released Numberella Charity Album.


Each year, Numberella releases a charity album to raise money for an educational charity.  This year, they are raising money for It's Humanity Foundation, who work to provide free education for children in the poorest areas of Bangladesh.  In addition to their existing campuses, Its Humanity Foundation recently opened a school on a converted bus which now tours around the slums in the capital Dhaka; broadening the horizons and improving the prospects of children there.  Most recently, the innovation was featured on BBC Asia.  


In the past, Numberella founder Alexander F.L Newberry went to visit three of the campuses, teaching teachers and children to play the Maths game Numberella and donating $1500 of Numberella equipment.  


The Numberella Charity album is now available to listen to via Spotify and you can listen to it by clicking on the logo below:


The Deuce Acts featured on the Numberella Charity Album 2022 are:

Artists selected on the album have recently been invited to perform live via the It's Humantiy Foundation Instagram page.  The album will also be promoted to hundreds of schools and thousands of children at the forthcoming Maths Week London and Maths Week Scotland event, and will be advertised to over 25,000 teachers via the Numberella newsletter.  

Further information on It's Humanity Foundation and Numberella can be found at and


We hope you can support this charity by listening and sharing the album and we look forward to providing you with further developments.

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