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Your radio stations seem to have taken a liking to the DBS track! 

Thanks as always for the excellent job you do.


So much exposure and it’s only been a few days!  
Thank you!



Thanks for your time and efforts doing the radio promotion for Perri. It’s very much appreciated. 

The feedback has been awesome!.

Gary Noble 3x Grammy Winning Producer

Deuce is very supportive of Independent artists, love you guys, thanks Rob, x

Cindy Alter

Have used Deuce for my latest single and received a lot of airtime and reviews, all for a very affordable price. Highly recommended!

Natalie Jane Bransgrove

Rob at Deuce is the best! Very professional services and a keen ear for new music! He really was the one who discovered LUPER DUPREE music and was the first to play the tunes and now LUPER music has been played on several radio stations around the world including some of the most popular indie shows in existence! Props to Rob and Deuce music! Thanks so much!

Luper Dupree

Rob is an excellent communicator & executes as promised. His radio promotion network + expertise has helped me get my music shared & listened to worldwide. HUGE bang-for-your-buck value when working with Rob & Deuce PR!
Steve Ertl
I have been very impressed with the music that Rob has sent me so far, covering a wide range of genres. He is certainly passionate about assisting newly signed and unsigned bands/artists to progress in their careers and I have been thrilled to be able to play the songs on my program, 'Community Corner' (Wednesdays, 2pm-4pm) on community radio station 94.1FM 3WBC in Melbourne, Australia over the past couple of months
Catherine Chadwick

I would recommend Rob to any musician looking for promotion & exposure.

Rob knows what he’s doing & he does it professionally & extremely well.

Wendy Rudin

Affordable and professional services! Have worked with Rob and Deuce Music on several occasions and I can highly recommend them. Won best song of the year in Hollywood as an extension from working with them.
Simon Andersson
Rob quickly got my single onto the radio, here and abroad and was constantly in touch with me about the promotion. As a relatively new artist I couldn’t have done it without him. I found him on the internet and he turned out to be legit. I’m looking forward to more work with Rob.
Sharam Gill
Deuce brings a collection of talented Indie artists from all around the world to a great variety radio show, and provides a good outlet for all the artists to gain recognition on a global level. I just started with them in July, but I have to say the support they provide is unforgettable. Deuce ROCKS!
Thanks so much for your promo on the track, I am amazed at how well it’s doing
Jimmy Hennesey
I love what you do - it’s a great idea and I hope you get continued reach with it for all your acts
Princess Maha

Want to say a huge thank you for all the support .Some things may come from your support. There has been a great response!

Shiraz Hempstock

Massive thank you so far for your support plugging my single 'True Love'! Amazing Job!!
Chloey Rose

Wow !! This is great. First America now Australia .Getting some great airplay from your c ontacts ..This is awesome!

Kerry Goodhind


We just want to say thanks so much for getting us some superb exposure.

 Really fantastic work mate and totally appreciated

Mark from Edgar Road

You continue to surprise us on how much you can get done! Thanks!
Brian from Paper City Exile

We are extremely happy and want you to know that we THANK YOU TREMENDOUSLY...!!!
It's so refreshing to be working with someone like YOU!
Once again... THANK YOU!

Johnny Cooper

It is a real pleasure to work with you! You keep your word and you do everything on time! And you did even more than we expected (agreed). That is really cool! 
I am very happy for you and your company. You are providing a vehicle for Indie artists that is actually working!
Earle Holder, Hdqtrz Mastering Studios

I have to say its inspiring and encouraging to know there are people like you out there who are truly working to help and support independent have exceeded my expectations!

Daniel Link

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