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Band Performance



DEUCE offers bands and artists WORLDWIDE unique promotion which guarantees radio exposure and provides you with regular opportunities to promote your music further through various other means. In addition to this, DEUCE will assess the feedback received from radio stations, listeners, reviewers and venues where you may have performed.  If we believe we can take things further for you,  additional promotion and more may then be offered.



DEUCE can offer bands and artists the chance to be heard on a large number of radio stations worldwide via The Deuce Radio Show.  The show is currently broadcast on over 50 radio stations with more regularly being found, which ensures your music is being heard by more and more listeners on an ongoing basis.  DEUCE also has a large number of radio contacts ranging from Internet to FM that have a genuine interest in new and independent music, helping increase your chances of more airplay.  In addition to radio play, DEUCE actively seeks out various other opportunities as and when they may arise to help promote you even further..

Fans at Concert



All bands and artists promoted by DEUCE will be publicised via our social media pages which in total have attracted thousands of followers.  You will also be included on various mail-outs which go out to thousands of music industry people worldwide should you be seen doing something actively different to other acts.  DEUCE encourages all acts we promote to inform their fan base of DEUCE.  By taking this approach, it attracts more and more followers which in return increases your chances of being heard by more people. 

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