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DEUCE is currently seeking bands and artists to be included on this years Numberella Charity Album

Each year Numberella releases a charity album for an educational charity.  This year, they are raising money for It's Humanity Foundation who work to provide free education for children in the poorest areas of Bangladesh.  In addition to their exisiting campuses, It's Humanity Foundation recently opened a school on a converted bus which now tours around the slums in the capital Dhaka; broadening the horizons and improving the prospects of children there.  Most recently the innovation was featured on BBC Asia.


Numberella Charity Albums have to date raised enough money to put 1 child through school for an entire year! 


Last year's album saw acts receive over 1000 plays each, with a number of them selected for Numberella's Escape Rooms which are featured on leading educational platforms and distributed to Numberella's 20k+ mailing list.
In addition to this selected artists will receive further exposure through IHF's large student network in Bangladesh, who will help to drive the playcount even further than last year.   This may result in Facebook live performances and interviews being offered.  


If you would like to be considered for inclusion on this year's Numberella Charity Album, please email with the following information:


  • Your name / band

  • Your website and social media addresses

  • A link to the track you are interesting in submiting

  • Your contact telephone number

  • Where you are based


Additional details will be provided to you if your track is selected.


This is a fantastic opportunity to widen your audience with all bands and artists promoted by DEUCE receiving priority consideration for inclusion on the album.  


Submission deadline is 24 February 2024.

Further information on It's Humanity Foundation and Numberella can be found at and

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