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The Deuce Radio Show has recently celebrated its 600th show spanning over 10 years of supporting new and independent music from all over the world.

The show, presented by Matt Barker initially started as a fortnightly podcast show in 2008 providing exposure for new and independent acts from all over the world.  As a result of its growing popularity, it soon became weekly and has since been added to the broadcasting schedules of over 70 radio stations around the world in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Africa and India to name but a few. 

Produced by Rob Saunders from DEUCE MUSIC in response to the lack of independent music being played on mainstream radio stations, Rob shortly realised after the podcast began that local community radio stations and internet stations were far more open to accepting new music than larger mainstream channels.  As well as being able to send individual acts to these stations, more and more began offering to broadcast The Deuce Radio Show too.  As well as online, the show can also boast being broadcast FM in regions such as San Francisco and California in the US, Somerset, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and Greater Manchester in England, as well as digital across Dublin and areas of Spain, helping new music be heard by more and more people worldwide. 

You can listen to Deuce Show #600 below:

Upon starting the show in 2008, if asked back then I would probably have been surprised if I was told it would last a year, let alone 13 years so I see it as an amazing achievement that we have now managed to reach 600 shows.  

New music shows are more important than they are often given credit for, as we are living in an environment where a small circle of people are dictating what the world hears on mainstream radio.  

Of course, people can discover new music themselves online but with over 40,000 new songs being added to streaming sites each day, it is very easy for talented bands and artists to be overlooked.  

With the live music scene currently decimated by the pandemic and streaming sites paying virtually nothing to artists, who without them would not even exist, it is now more important than ever to support new music.

Internet and community radio stations, plus podcast shows are the way forward for people to discover new music.  Without them, independent bands and artists would struggle for exposure and the Deuce Radio Show would probably no longer exist. Hopefully we are now seeing the light at the end of a very dark 18-month long tunnel, and live music venues that have survived will be opening their doors again.  

If you discover a new act on the Deuce Radio Show or any other new music show and they are playing at a venue near you, book yourself a ticket, and buy their CD or merchandise.   Now, more than ever they need your support!


Rob Saunders


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