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Artists Wanted For Documentary

DEUCE are happy to introduce Snoww Productions; an audiovisual company specialising in producing music videos and other forms of digital media.

Snoww Productions are currently working on an exciting, new documentary about the UK music industry, titled UP + COMING and are now seeking artists for inclusion.  

The film will follow the story of several contrasting up-and-coming artists from different backgrounds and genres, trying to succeed in today's highly competitive music marketplace.  There will also be commentary by leading industry figures from music publishers, labels, and collection societies.  

A trailer for the documentary can be viewed by clicking the image below (password vic)


This vibrant documentary will show the ups and downs of the music industry today and will offer valuable exposure to participants.  

If you are in a band, a solo artist, or a songwriter and you have an interesting story about how COVID, BREXIT, or how changes in the music industry over the years have affected your career; good or bad, and you would like to be considered for inclusion in the documentary, then please email with the following information:

  • Your name/band name

  • Your website and social media addresses 

  • Your contact telephone number

  • Where you are based

  • Stories and experiences you have had within the music industry that may be suitable for the documentary


Please head your submission DEUCE

Although the documentary primarily focuses on the UK music industry, Snoww Productions will also be considering bands and artists from outside the UK for inclusion too.

Filming will begin in a studio in London on a date to be confirmed, and interviews via Zoom will be conducted for those unable to travel. 

Further information on UP + COMING can be found on their website

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