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DEUCE is pleased to announce the Deuce Radio Show is now going DIGITAL across Dublin in Ireland on Babylon Radio.

Babylon Radio is a multicultural station providing information about living in Ireland, places to visit, running multicultural events and playing music from all around the world.

Based in the centre of Dublin, you can listen to the Deuce Radio Show every Monday from 8pm (GMT) digitally if in the region or online by visiting 

You can also follow Babylon Radio on social media at and


The Deuce Show is a weekly broadcast featuring bands and artists promoted by DEUCE and is presented by Matt Barker.  At present, we have over 50 radio stations worldwide broadcasting the shows including the UK, USA, Italy, Australia, Slovenia, Spain and New Zealand to name but a few; over 10 of which broadcast on an FM frequency.  


A full list of the radio stations broadcasting the Deuce Show can be found HERE and you can listen to the latest Deuce Shows by visiting :

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