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Just A Jester

The Deuce Act of the week is Singer-Songwriter Just A Jester who is based in London, UK. 

Having supported the likes of Van Morrison, performed at Glastonbury 7 times, played with Stuart Copeland from The Police, not to mention playing live on BBC 1 to over 7 million viewers, Tim Whitaker aka Just A Jester has had an illustrious career in the music industry.

Previously promoted by Deuce in January 2024, Just A Jester now releases his 32nd solo track Be Good To Yourself
More information on this along with additional details on Just A Jester can be found by visiting his website


You can listen to Just A Jester's new single Be Good To Yourself below:




If you decide to play the track on your show, please try to let me know in advance so I can let him know.  I will then encourage him to spread the word about your show to his fan base.


I hope you enjoy the track and that I hear from you soon!

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