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Mia Hope

The Deuce Act Of The Week is Pop singer-songwriter Mia Hope from London, England.


Having started dancing from the age of 3 which then progressed into training for musical theatre at Sylvia Young Theatre School, Mia Hope soon discovered her passion for singing and began writing her own material.  

Influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga, Mia Hope's music has developed further through her love for House Music, Disco and Pop.

Now releasing her new single Pop That Bottle, you can find more information on Mia Hope by following her on social media at and


You can listen to Mia Hope's new single Pop That Bottle by clicking on the link below:




If you decide to play the track on your show, please try to let me know in advance so I can let her know.  I will then encourage her to spread the word about your show to her fan base.


I hope you enjoy the track and that I hear from you soon!

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