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DEUCE has recently set up a new scheme to enable more bands and artists worldwide to hear about the services DEUCE offer, which then results in money donated to the grassroots music scene. 

The scheme is quite simple; if you recommend DEUCE to any bands or artists you may know and they sign up with DEUCE,  you receive £10:00 commission for each act.


The DEUCE PACKAGE is a one time payment of £79.95 for a promotion campaign and includes:


  • Radio plugging to a wide selection of 100+ radio stations worldwide ranging from Internet to FM

  • Regularly featured on the Deuce Show which is broadcast weekly on over 50 radio stations, a number of which are FM, worldwide with more stations to follow.    

  • A short bio written about you which radio presenters can read out before playing your track

  • Entitled to various other opportunities DEUCE regularly advertises, all designed to help promote your music further

Benefits of the Deuce Scheme include:

  • Deuce Acts being able to make their money back on their promotion if bands/artists sign up with DEUCE through their recommendation

  • Studios, venues, radio stations and presenters receiving donations through DEUCE for acts they recommend, helping contribute towards their overheads 

Although £10:00 is not a huge amount of money, I am hopeful that larger, more established companies in the music industry may share this idea and donate larger sums of money to grassroots music where it all begins.

To be a part of the Deuce Scheme, simply ask any bands and artists you may know that are interested in radio promotion to email with a link to their music.   Alternatively, you can email me directly in advance with the names of the acts you have recommended DEUCE to. 


Please make sure they say in their email they were recommended to contact DEUCE by you so commission  can be directed your way.

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