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OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 is a group of serving and former serving Royal Marine Commandos who have fought alongside each other, teaming up once again to face their biggest challenge yet; rowing across the North Atlantic Ocean from New York to London to help raise more awareness to plastics in the ocean. 


The crossing has been attempted a total of 72 times with 29 successes and over 43 failures which has sadly taken 6 lives, highlighting the task at hand.  

The OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 team has chosen to set off from Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA on 15 May 2020 and finish at Tower Bridge, London, UK; a total of over 3,700 miles. 


This is a route that has NEVER been attempted that will see:


  • Up to 60 days at sea

  • Over 600,000 calories burnt

  • Up to 14Kgs lost per man

  • The team battle against the ferocity and unpredictability of the weather systems, the temperature of the water and the fact that it sank the Titanic!

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OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 has a number of objectives during the row.  The main aim is to bring to the attention to more people the issues of plastic in our oceans and the dramatic effect it is having to our marine life and ecosystems, in support of the organisation Plastic Oceans.  They are also hoping to raise awareness for The Royal Marines Charity who offers support to injured Royal Marine Commandos.  To date, OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 have raised over £45,000 for them both.  


Whilst both charities are the main focus on this arduous task, OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 have also set themselves a personal challenge of a new various speed record for the route they are rowing including:


  • The fastest conventional rowing boat ever to row the North Atlantic

  • The fastest 4-man conventional rowing boat to row the North Atlantic

  • The fastest ocean rowing boat to row the length of the English Channel

  • The furthest rowed in 24 hours by an ocean rowing boat.

The team aims to have several celebrity endorsements who will follow the Ocean Row with Bear Grylls already offering to bring OCEAN REVIVAL 2020 to the attention of more people via his 1.2 million Twitter followers and 3 million Facebook followers alone.  The team are also seeking more TV, radio and press coverage to help raise money and awareness for their two chosen charities and organisations; Plastic Oceans and The Royal Marines Charity

Further information on OCEAN REVIVAL can be found on their website  

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