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Playlists & Social Media Promotion

DEUCE is pleased to announce our recent collaboration with SongTools; the all in one toolkit for bands and artists worldwide to launch their music


SongTools is the go-to solution where you can launch a full-scale growth campaign for your song in less than 8 minutes without breaking the bank. 


SongTools offers a number of different services all designed to help your music get heard including:


  • Playlister.Club - The world's leading music discovery platform and home to the largest community of independent playlisters supporting new music.


  • SongFly - Music digital advertising made easy and powerful 

  • SongFolder - Smart cloud storage transforming your song content into something engaging and unforgettable

  • SongPage - A responsive landing page to drive conversions and produce more streams... and fans!

  • SongBlog - Publish an SEO-optimised blog and engage with your fans

Additional information on how SongTools can maximise your future releases can be found on their YouTube video below HERE

SongTools provides bands and artists worldwide with a fantastic opportunity to gain new listeners and fans. In addition to this, all bands and artists registered with DEUCE will receive priority consideration for the campaigns to be optimised which includes


  • Being highlighted on the editorial carousel at the top of the Discover page for Playlist campaigns


  • Ensuring your advertising campaigns are set up correctly and modified should that be necessary, to improve performance.  

Further information on SongTools can be found at or you can follow them on social media at and  

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